Rent a Private Jet in Toronto for a Business Trip

Rent a Private Jet in Toronto


Toronto boasts some of the finest small aviation companies in North America -- and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that chartering a private jet can be a cost-effective option. For example, if you are travelling with colleagues, chartering a private jet can be less expensive than buying four business class tickets. Even if you are travelling with a smaller group or on your own, flying by private jet can be the best option. Chartering your own plane will save a great deal of time and provide a quiet and private atmosphere for brainstorming, negotiation, or uninterrupted work time.


Controlling the Schedule


When you travel by commercial airline, you are at the mercy of their scheduling. You may have to depart later than you would like, and end up wasting an entire day in transit. You may end up spending hours in an airport lounge due to inconvenient stopovers. On the way back, you may have to spend extra money on hotel rooms because you can’t leave when you want to. If unexpected events occur, it can be a hassle to change your flight. Even the security procedures for commercial flights can take a large bite out of your workday.


When you charter a flight, however, the schedule is in your control. Leave when you want, and if meetings take more or less time than anticipated, change your plans easily. Fly directly to your destination without downtime in airports, waiting for connecting flights. And don’t waste time arriving hours early in order to stand in security lineups; security procedures for private flights are far less onerous.


Flying by private jet also allows you other options that commercial flights do not. For instance, charter flights can operate out of smaller regional airports. Landing at an airport closer to your ultimate destination can save time and money on ground travel at the other end.


The Private Jet Advantage


With a private charter, time in the air won’t be spent trying to ignore the distractions of crying babies, talkative seatmates, or flight crew announcements. Instead of writing off travel time, you may find that your team’s time on a charter jet is some of your most productive work time.


Better charter companies offer you all the amenities of the modern office, including Wi-Fi, phone communication, reclining leather seats, spacious worktables, and multiple power outlets. In addition, a friendly flight crew is there only to attend to your needs. Customize the meal and beverage options, and enjoy your favourite food and drinks en route.


The comfort and privacy of a chartered jet will allow you to focus on work, or to relax completely before a big meeting. Arrive rested, well prepared, and refreshed, ready for any event.


Before you book your next business class tickets, explore the option of renting a private jet in Toronto. An efficient, comfortable journey can give your company an advantage!